I got invited to speak to a group of staff people at a local church. And right in the middle of my talk, I just felt this crazy idea.
I said, get out a piece of paper and write down the name of somebody that you’re investing in for spiritual purposes. Not a single person on the staff, including the senior pastor, could write down a name. And it hit me, we’re playing zone instead of man-to-man in the church.
We all have jobs we go to and we just do this, do that, and if a non-Christian or a baby believer walks in, we’ll help ’em but we’re not getting dirty, getting hands-on messy with people who are new in the faith or outside the faith.
So stop playing zone-to-zone and get into man-to-man. Latch on to somebody, invite them to walk with you for a while and show ’em what it’s like to live this life following Jesus.