In 2005, TV show host and travel guru Rick Steves decided to invest his retirement savings in helping other people.
Steves purchased a 24-unit housing complex and called it Trinity Place. Instead of renting Trinity Place out, he decided to give the joy of housing to those who desperately need a place to callhome.
The facility houses single mothers who are recovering drug addicts. These women are ready to get back on their feet and regain custody of their children.

What he thinks as a “thoughtful use” of his capital simply proves that wealth is more than money and riches.

The Seattle Times reports that while the property’s value has increased significantly, Steves decided to donate the property to the YWCA Seattle King Snohomish completely.
Now 61, Steves has made more than enough money with his successful travel business that he can retire comfortably without keeping the property as his personal asset anymore.
He had always planned to turn over the property to YWCA.  In 2016 he ultimately decided that there should be no time to waste in donating the property.

Over the last 12 years the apartment has helped 61 families avoid homelessness while rebuilding their lives.

One resident tells KING-TV about how finding a home in Trinity Place has helped her get her life back on track. She says “It’s been a godsend honestly. Trinity Place means being able to have my kids with me and being able to raise them and be a mom again and get my life back on track.”
Steves also tells KING-TV that turning  the possibility of renovating a property into a safe place for families  into a reality puts a smile on his face everytime he goes to bed at night.
He says “I get a huge joy out of going to bed thinking, hey, I’m helping house 70 people who would be in cars or motels or in people’s basements scrounging around. I think about when I found this place it was just a moldy haunted house. That’s what it was… and I just thought, ‘Man, there’s God in that mold.’”