One of the strongest attributes of leaders who are learning how to cultivate influence when they lack the authority that they think that they need is the skill of thinking critically. Critical thinkers are really great at noticing things, questioning things and connecting things.
However one of the most grave dangers of being a skilled critical thinker is becoming critical in your spirit. In fact the line between thinking critically and being critical is razor thin.
Jesus modeled for us what it looked like to serve other people as opposed to grading other people. Jesus didn’t walk around in life with a clipboard saying, “Oh that’s decent, oh that’s okay.” No, he walked around with a towel saying, “How can I help you?”
If you can learn to think critically with the same attitude that Jesus did, of wanting to help others, you can become a powerful leader, whether you have authority or not.

How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge

Author Clay Scroggins
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