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Actress and Golden Globe winner, Gina Rodriguez recently talked about how much she believes that the opportunities that come her way are of God’s doing.

Rodriguez is known for her role as Jane in the popular TV show titled “Jane the Virgin.” Now, she plays Mary, mother of God, in the upcoming Christmas film “The Star.”  She feels blessed to have been given the role and believes that her new project is something that God put in her path.
“Playing the role was incredible! It’s truly an honor, it’s definitely a blessing, and it was a lot of fun. It’s rich in love and joy and happiness and faith and I get to have my nieces and nephews in the theater. There’s just too many blessings to count in this one,” she says.
Rodriguez also talks about how the film will give its audience something to reflect on as it did with her.

“Just because God has a plan doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.”

Rodriguez emphasizes how this quote from the film still sticks with her. She stresses the importance of not giving up when faced with life’s difficulties.  She confidently says that the heart revels in those difficult moments and ultimately sees the triumph that can rise in the midst of it all.
Rodriguez says her role in “The Star” portrays the true strength that Mary has.
“Mary, in nativity stories, is seldom portrayed as a woman of strength and power. What’s beautiful about being a millennial in this day and age, is that we are finally celebrating the strength of women, and we’re coming together and we’re making sure that women are uplifted and women are recognized for their strength and their power in this world and how much we contribute to this world.”
In theaters now, “The Star” promises to be a film that both kids and adults would definitely enjoy.