It’s officially the holiday season!  And while you may have started listening to holiday tunes before Thanksgiving, you don’t have to be shy about your love of Christmas music now.  Sick of listening to the same 20 Christmas songs over and over on the radio? I have some great news for you.  2017 brings to us several new Christmas albums to update our playlists with!
Even better news: I’ve decided to organize them for you by genre.  Let’s get to it!


Are you a pop listening junkie?  You’ll have lots of options here.  First of all, both 98 Degrees and Hanson released new Christmas albums this year.  You read that right: It’s a blast from the past.  98 Degrees released “Let It Snow,” and Hanson released “Finally It’s Christmas.”
If you’re going for a non traditional sound, check out Sia’s “Everyday Is Christmas.”  There’s a super fun song called “Puppies Are Forever,” but I am partial to puppies since I adopted one this year.  Hi Penny!
Last on my pop list is Gwen Stefani’s “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.”  Most songs put a rockin’ twist on the usual favorites (Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, Santa Baby), but there are a couple of originals in there.

A Capella

Pentatonix is back again with another great Christmas release with “A Pentatonix Christmas Deluxe.”  Deluxe it is!  This album brings you 16 tracks filled with harmonizing delight.  You and your family will be able to live out your Pitch Perfect dreams right in the comfort of your own living room.
Voctave also released “Snow,” which has more of a traditional caroling feel to it.  Go ahead and listen to both and pick your favorite tracks to add to your Christmas playlist.


Let’s start of with Lindsey Stirling’s “Warmer In the Winter.”  Please note that a couple of the songs do feature some singing, but most are instrumental.  I’m enjoying “Warmer in Winter” because some of the songs have an electronic dance beat to jam to.
Ok, so I’m totally cheating with this genre because The Piano Guys also have the new “Christmas Together,” and some of the tracks feature vocal accompaniment.  Their rendition of “Mary Did You Know/ Corelli Christmas Concerto” is quite amazing.


Here I’ll admit that I’m not a huge country fan, but I couldn’t leave this genre out.  Alabama released “American Christmas” this season that has a couple of great knee tappers: “Ain’t Santa Cool,” and “Why Can’t Christmas Day Last All Year Long.”


Yes, I just gave Elvis his own genre.  But honestly, if you’re still managing to release new music from the grave – you get your own genre.  “Elvis Christmas” is by Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  I have to say, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra brings new life to some classic favorites.
So there you have it!  With all the new Christmas albums out this season, here’s to hoping your season doesn’t peak to early.  Hopefully you have enough to update your playlists for those family dinners, tree decorating, and hot cocoa by the fire.  Merry Christmas!