What once started as a result of boredom turned into something more purposeful.
Chelsea Crockett started making Youtube videos at age 13. She began sharing fashion and beauty advice to young girls but her focus shifted as she got older. As her faith in God deepened through the years, she decided to use the video platform to help others find their identity in Christ.
In a testimony, she said,

“YouTube was a thing that I started out of fun and God turned it into something totally different and something I would have never imagined. Even though I hadn’t always recognized God’s presence in my life, He has been guiding me all along. The more I release my grip on my own plans, the more I discover what it truly means to be beautiful, and reflect His beauty to others”

More than just a YouTube star

After seven years of sharing her message to the world through videos, Chelsea wrote a book entitled “Your Own Beautiful.” Released on Oct. 24, her first book aims to impact the lives of her followers and anyone who gets a copy.
Her book is filled with advice and insights centered on subjects like keeping a good relationship with God, having a positive outlook, embracing one’s true beauty, and having confidence.
She also shared her life stories through different parts of the book. She opened up about her ups and downs and God’s role in helping her become the person that she is today.
One story she shared in her book was when she realized she needed His presence and guidance to go through every day. She says, “…the realization that I needed Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my life just clicked in my young brain. I told my mom, ‘I think I want to give my life to God’”
Then she talked about when she ultimately let His presence in her life, “I quickly realized that I needed to align all of my decisions with Him; I couldn’t just pick and choose when to be a Christian. I had to give him every area of my life.”
She vows to continue trying to inspire people to become better versions of themselves through her book, her videos, and her story all while including God in the equation.