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Gordon Hayward, a first season Boston Celtics player, is out of the season after suffering a major injury during his first game with the team.  Despite the traumatic event, he and his family remain faithful, trusting God that they will overcome this trial.
Last Tuesday night, his teammates saw in horror the severity of his injury in the middle of the game.  Since the horrific incident, Hayward has received nothing but support and prayers from family, his team, and his fans.
All the more, everyone can see that the Hayward family’s faith is clear that this situation will make them stronger.
His wife, Robyn, even took to Instagram to share her gratitude towards those who remain supportive to Gordon and their family. She wrote,

“I truly believe this! Thanks for all the prayers for Gordon and our family. It sucks, but this is what happens and you move on to the next step. Gordon is so tough and is the hardest worker, so I know he will come back stronger. He’s wired differently. Gordon’s a true competitor and will take this and use it as fuel to be that much better. This is an obstacle that he’s more than ready to overcome. Keep praying for him though he needs some lovin!”

That message was posted under a photo with a quote that says:  “When everything seems like it’s falling apart that’s when God is putting things together just the way he wants it.”
This isn’t the first time Hayward was open about his faith in God.  Back when Hayward’s team Butler lost to Duke in the NCAA Championship seven years ago, his faith remained solid despite the loss by sharing that it’s “not like it’s the end of the world” and that God has “blessed us this whole season.”
Two years ago Hayward also spoke about his faith and his love for the sport that he plays with the Baptist Messenger. He said, “I am playing for the glory of God.  It makes life easier. It takes a lot of pressure off of you. My inspiration first and foremost always has to be God. I play every game for Him and after that my inspiration is my family.”