NBA star Dwight Howard was raised as a Christian.  When he joined the Orlando Magic as the number 1 pick among rookies in 2014, he was determined to use the basketball league to preach God’s word. But as a young 19 year old man at 19, he found out that task wasn’t going to be as easy to carry out as he thought.

Temptations took over.

Being in the NBA brings about fame and fortune. Unfortunately for Howard, this meant he also had to deal with temptation. With everything at his disposal, he took advantage of his privileges.  He attended  parties in night clubs and strip clubs. Making up for the time that he wasn’t able to do so while he was growing up, he lived a lavish lifestyle.
In 2007, he became an unmarried father, and went on to father 4 more children from different women. Howard’s personal issues began affecting his career unfavorably. His injuries affected his career and he was transferred from one team to the other.  When he finally joined Houston Rockets, he was hated by fans.

Howard turns to God for Strength.

Howard knew where to go and who to go to. He focused on his relationship with God, who spoke to him and said, “If the whole world hates you, I love you.”
“(Jesus) is my rock. My foundation,” he says. “When things are going wrong; when I’m at a bad place, Jesus is my foundation.” Now more than ever, and having survived all the hardships in his career in professional basketball, his faith is much stronger, and his commitment to make people see God in him, he keeps solid.