How to Use Social Media for GoodSocial media gets a bad reputation for being a platform for bullying, political rants, and humble brags. If we’re not careful, it can easily be a blackhole of negativity that draws us in, almost like a drug. As Christians struggle to find a healthy balance for staying connected and loving like Jesus online, we often search for ways to use social media for good.
Yes, your social media presence can be a great thing for your life and the lives that you touch. For many of us, it’s a matter of taking back control and using social media intentionally. Here are a few ways that you can get started.

Audit who you follow

Negativity can crush your spirit and pull you in as well. Following people that focus on what’s wrong with everything will not only influence your social media presence, but your face to face interactions as well. Don’t forget to protect your heart. Audit who you follow by unfriending, unfollowing, or muting people.

Share what you love and want to see more of

Joy is contagious, and positivity spreads like wildfire. When we actively celebrate the great things about life or how God is working in us, the lives around you can be impacted by your good news. Try sharing a positive news story, or a big win at work, or maybe the fact that your new niece was just born. All of these are great topics to share and celebrate.

Kill the complaining on social media

Complaining is one of the easiest ways to pull down yourself and your social media followers. It’s a giant snowball that grows larger and collects debris as it rolls down the hill. Avoid complaining online as much as possible. Yes, it’s easy to complain about the summer heat, a bad travel experience, or even worse… politics. Take a look at your feed. Sure, some of these things are worth voicing your opinion about, but are you adding solutions are or you just piling on more bad feelings? The complaining in your life will begin to add up and weigh you down.

Reconnect with old friends

You never know who really misses seeing you or just needs to hear from a friend. Find someone that you haven’t spoken with in awhile and drop a note to see how they’re doing. Reconnecting can be a great way to love on people and maybe spark some new memories together. This is a very easy way to start using social media for good. Reaching out will cost you 5 seconds of your life. What do you have to lose?

Follow positive influences and social media influencers

So you have audited your follow list by removing or muting negative people… now what? Start filling your feed with good news, fun people you meet, or positive comedians like John Crist. If all else fails, social media pages that prepare recipes in 60 seconds are always a good filler. Everyone loves a good cook!

What you share matters to the world around you

You never know who is impacted by what you share. It could be the reason why someone wants to learn more about why you follow Jesus, or why they want nothing to do with Him.
Social media can be used in many amazing ways, but the responsibility begins with you.