Church Marketing Keys to Success in 2017The Internet is one of the best things to ever happen to the local church. This also happens to be one of the most exciting times to be a church on a mission. If your goal as a church is to lead your community to and develop a relationship with Christ, then your church marketing strategies matter.
I know, it seems a little odd to say “church” and “marketing”, but it’s time to reach people with the best news that the world has ever known. It’s going to require an actual strategy, too.

Why Churches Need to Market to Their Local Community

It’s safe to say that there are plenty of people in your local community seeking love, comfort, someone to talk to, and a Savior. People within your church already feel that way, so it’s time to reach out and pull others into a community that can love like Jesus loves us.
When you market your church wisely, you cannot only help others find out about your church, but you can even engage with them before they ever walk through the doors of your church. This can cut out so many frustrations that people have with the church.

Church Internet Marketing Strategies to Help You Get Started

Are you just starting out with Internet marketing for your church? These tips should help you ease into connecting with your local community. Many of these suggestions are based on the questions that we field every day from our own website visitors trying to find a church.

  1. Build a Website: Your website should be the cornerstone of your Internet marketing strategy. Make sure it’s easy for visitors to connect with your church and take the next step with their journey. The easier you make it to find important information, the more successful you will be attracting new visitors.
    If you’re just getting started, try Squarespace. WordPress is a great next step for churches in more populated areas or larger congregations.
  2. Claim Your Profile: Fill out the most important information for free, or add addition content with a Pro account. Visitors across the country frequently ask about pastors, church websites, service times, worship music style, and denomination. Not only will a profile help you be found on, but it benefits your overall search engine optimization (SEO) for your church. Help your church be found and take a few seconds to add your church or search to find your church profile and claim it today.
  3. Add or Claim Your Google My Business Listing: When someone in your area searches for “churches near me” on Google, they’re likely going to see your profile and your Google My Business listing. This listing is often accompanied by a map, your phone number, and sometimes a link to your website. Make sure this information is correct.
  4. Focus on 1 to 2 Social Media Networks: Keep it simple and focus on one or two social media networks. Start with one (Facebook), master it, and make your way to the second to expand your reach even more. Instagram and Twitter both make it easy for churches to search hashtags and phrases (example: “find a church”) and connect with people in your area.
  5. Create a Blog or a Vlog: Getting the right content out to your community is key to adding value and attracting new visitors. Of course, your current congregation will love the extra content too! A blog on your website (ex.  or a vlog (video blog) are great ways to reach others. If you’re more comfortable behind a keyboard, start a blog. If you were made for the screen, start a vlog. The key is to just get started and keep posting.

Connect and Get Ready to Work

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