Even as a Christian, there are times where I misstep.  I’m not talking about a slight stumble.  Not even a little slip on the sidewalk.  There are times where my clouded judgement leads me down the wrong path.  One decision after another piles on.  Next thing you know I am so far lost down a path I didn’t even know exists, and I don’t know how to get out.
I’ve sinned.  Not a white lie or a quick venting session with a friend.  Something so big that I feel like I need to keep it hidden.  I feel guilty.  The worst part is that there are times where I feel so guilty I don’t know how to get back on track.  I know I did something wrong and I already feel bad about it.  What if I talk to someone about my mistake and the judge me for it?

Who can I turn to when I’ve done something I feel so guilty about?

When sin separates us from God it makes us feel lonely.  The guilt and the shame make us feel like we have no one to turn to.  But this is the complete opposite of the truth.  The truth is, everyone is human.  Every single person, Christians included, make mistakes that get them off track.  This is exactly why God sent Jesus to us!  When we make a mistake, we shouldn’t turn away from Jesus.  We should run toward Him.
God wants to have a relationship with us.  He wants it so bad that He sent His son down to save us from sin.  The ultimate sacrifice!  Our loving God wouldn’t have made this big of a gesture if he wanted us to shy away in the shadows every time we feel guilty.  He provided a way to redemption for exactly those times.

Surround yourself with a group of friends that will love you at your lowest.

When you fall, you may feel like you’re the only one who has ever fallen.  That’s a lie.  As Christians, it’s not our job to judge others when they misstep.  We leave that up to Jesus.  It’s our job to love others as Jesus loved us, and that means we listen and we lead people toward Him.
As hard as it is, in the times where I feel most guilty, I work up the courage to pick up the phone.  I call out to my friends for help, advice, guidance, accountability, and love.  The enemy may make me feel lonely, shameful, and guilty, which makes taking that step difficult.  But admitting my sins to friends and then confessing them to my Savior always get me back on track.
I don’t want the enemy to win.  I don’t want the guilt to separate me from the life I know I can live.  Instead I reach out to a group of friends who can support me at my best, and love me at my worst.  I reach out to a God that loved me so much He sent His son to save my life.  I pray for the strength to stay on the right track and use my faults to lift others when they hit their weakest, because that’s what being a Christian is about.