God's Call for CharityIsn’t it wonderful to live a life of purpose? How  fulfilling is it to invest in what matters and see life through God’s perspective?
God blesses us with a life that is made for  more than just existing, and the world teaches us to grow up and contribute to society. We go to school, earn our degrees, establish our careers, contribute to our families, and try to make daily living  as comfortable as possible. But how can we consciously live a comfortable life when we are fully aware that there are others who desperately need our help?
God calls us all to serve.  Author and pastor Rick Warren, shares that we are put on earth to make a contribution and to give back. The sense of fulfillment after lending a helping hand gives a feeling like no other. The Bible reminds us that

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

There are several ways for us to help others.

God didn’t create us to live only for our own purposes. We are here to lead a life of selflessness and contribute to a greater purpose. Today, there are countless of ongoing Christian missions that are making a difference in the world. These organizations need help to keep their missions running.  Here are some of them.

  1. Go Now Missions.  Go Now is dedicated to serve people in need and to Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” (Mark 16:15) College students set off on a mission to fulfill his calling and give back to those who are in need. You can help by donating to the organization to support a student missionary and other purposes.
  1. Tearfund. A committed Christian organization in the UK since 1968, Tearfund extend help wherever it is needed the most. They have been addressing the need to help end poverty, and aid in disaster and injustice. Currently, many individuals support their cause and help key areas like South Sudan, East Africa, Iraq, and Syria.
  1. SEND International. Focusing their ministries to “make disciples among the unreached,” SEND International aims to reach out to 40% of the world’s population who don’t have access to the gospel or a local church. They currently have missionaries all over Asia, Europe, Eurasia and North America. Whether in volunteering or donating, SEND appreciates your help.
  2. Christian Aid Mission. In more than 100 countries, Christian Aid Mission reaches out to indigenous ministries through spreading the gospel, build churches, and help the needy and the persecuted. Going strong since 1953, this organization continues to fulfill their mission through the help of countless of people.

These organizations are just few of the many ways you can invest your money in for a good cause. Give, encourage and inspire others.  Wouldn’t it be nice to look back one day on the good we have done in our lifetime?  Involving yourself in missions, either through serving or donating, will help fulfill God’s plan and your calling.